please review some of our work in the case studies below. contact us to learn more.

case study 01 - inspired the redesign of a global brand

dig was asked by a large nutrition company to help it understand how five global cultures were connected in the way they managed their health. we worked in coordination with innovation, design and marketing teams to conduct an exploration that took us to germany, korea, china, japan and all over the u.s. the resulting insight films and inspiration report acted as a conduit to the development of a new product line, a redesign of the entire brand and a new marketing campaign. the insight films were repurposed to help sell in the new ideas to key decision makers and as training films for their sales force. 

case study 02 - energized consistent innovation

dig conducted an ethnographic exploration into a top qsr’s fastest growing consumer target. we then developed forty-three mini insight films, each bringing a single insight about the target to life. to maximize the impact of the insights across the organization and build momentum behind the resulting ideas, we posted a new insight film on the company’s intranet for forty-three weeks in a row in order to inspire their innovation team over time.

case study 03 - repositioned a cpg brand in the aisle

a classic beverage brand was concerned about how its sub-lines were faring in the minds of consumers navigating an increasingly cluttered beverage aisle. dig was asked to investigate the lives of both active and decreased consumers in order to understand how they saw the brand and it's sub-lines, and how they compared it with newer options. they used the resulting insights to help develop new positionings for the sub-lines and to direct new strategies around shelving, packaging and customer communications.

case study 04 - brought lifestage segmentation to life

dig’s client - an insurance company that traditionally segmented consumers by their potential value to the company - was lacking similar attention toward what consumers needed from them. the company completed a lifestage segmentation, then asked dig to complete the transformation by demonstrating how the unique needs of each lifestage became opportunities for the company. dig created films for each lifestage, illustrating the unique needs of each group. finally, dig helped the insurance client complete a series of innovation workshops designed to employ this new lens to creating new products (and re-designing old ones) that marry consumer needs with the strengths of the company.